22. Julij
ob 18.00
Galerija Imago Sloveniae

Razstava “Don’t be scared of scars”

Galerija Imago Sloveniae


 22. julj – 12. avgust 2014

Avtorica razstave: Laura Redouté

Razstava bo na ogled do 12.8.2014, od ponedeljka do petka, od 8.00 do 17.00.

Avtorica o razstavi:

“I feel like a witness of the humane complexity. Without any feeling of being exterior of it, on the contrary, I enjoy reporting all kinds of mixity.

Whereas duality and shades are the key words of my artistic researches, it seems important to me to always try to reveal a part of reality, even when this part is normally invisible to the naked eye.
Indeed, reality belongs to what I tend to show, to demonstrate but in every shade, in its subjective and ambivalent perception. Besides, I admit that neutral realism doensn’t interest me…
Also, a multiplicity of possibilities is inventing;
Some ideas wander according to perpetual introspections. Of course, « extrospections » are as necesar to the enrichment of an emotional spectre which never stops to demand we qualify it again and again.

We like to describe « sensitive » this kind of consideration, this kind of interest for mirror games… Let’s guess that’s true but the sensitive field doesn’t merge this way with this emotional fuzziness (moving stuffs). The sensitive is somewhere else too… everywhere.

The sensitive is not only about psychic emotion but also about physical one. The hand as long as evocation of the sense of touch is an example but the whole body call it as well.

If I often depict bodies in their feminity, I have to say that’s more by empaty than by real attraction for feminine curves. Subject of primary desires but also pleasures, the body is inspirng. I don’t really care of sublimating or fighting the photographic realism, for me, it’s just a matter of dream.
Dreaming a generic body as we would consider our own but also the one we are not. Also, if this conception of « sensitive » includes the physical sensitivity as it includes the emotion, this qualificaiton suits me.

Independantly of the subjective but concrete reality, coexists another world. Internal, biased as well, it’s evanescent and difficult to access. It’s physical when we close our eyes towards the sun and the interior of the eyelid begins to be colored and has some flashs. It’s fanciful when it’s about our thoughts, our emotions, whatever they are. In that case, it can be difficult to draw.

That’s the good point of Abstraction which allows « internal representation ». Kind of radiography of soul, the asbtraction reveals obvious tracks and suggests the secret ones.
By a funnier way, I enjoy to explore playful and light worlds with a sparkling pictorial style. The color is still the main element of my different works. More generally, that would be difficult to describe my work by a single word because sources of inspiration are as multiple as messages I try to convey. Collaborations, common researches are also a constructive part of the artistic work. So, it’s important for me to couple my periods of travelling with artistic activities. In this way, meetings with other artists from here and wherever else are always source of personal and artistic enrichment.
More precisely, the different atmospheres I can feel during my expeditions colors necessarily my paintings to the point that some « travelling paintings » are exhibited each autumn. At the same time, I m always willing to think of different projects to draw with some partnerships.”

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