The foundation Imago Sloveniae was established in 1994 as a follow up to widely recognised activities of the Society for the Revitalisation of the Cultural Image of the Old City Centre (1988). The project emerged from a need to revitalise the cultural image of old Slovene city centres, squares, sacred architecture, castles, museums, and other cultural heritage sites via live arts and cultural events. At present the project involves 25 Slovene municipalities and towns (cultural network), in the frame of which around 100 concerts, performed by renowned Slovenian and foreign artists, are organised annually, as well as many other cultural events.

The summer cultural offer in Slovenia, which already included several summer festivals in certain Slovene towns, has thus been enriched by concerts taking place in spaces and buildings of cultural heritage. As it turned out, the revival of cultural heritage places with high quality events contributes immensely to the overall economic, tourist, and cultural development of towns and regions. Our foundation is also increasingly active in the international area, collaborating with 15 cultural institutions and festivals from different European countries.

Being a non-profitable organisation in public interest, Imago Sloveniae’ events are usually free of charge.

Within the project Imago Sloveniae several festivals and concert cycles take place annually:

  • International Festival Summer Imago Sloveniae
  • International Festival Summer in Old Ljubljana Town
  • International Festival Nights in Old Ljubljana Town
  • International Cycle Jazz Stage
  • International Cycle Young Talents
  • Winter in Old Ljubljana Town
  • Art gallery Janez Boljka

The key aims and objectives of the institution include:

• Revitalisation of architectural cultural heritage (old towns, historical centres, castles, museums, and churches) via live arts and other cultural events;
• Production and coordination of quality cultural events and festivals;
• Popularisation of serious music and promotion of authors and interpreters;
• Encouraging novel artistic creativity and supporting young musicians in their artistic development;
• Ensuring free accessibility to high-quality cultural contents;
• International cooperation, international co-productions, best practice exchange;
• Promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue;
• Bringing top quality art from big cities to smaller towns and municipalities throughout Slovenia;
• Linking of culture and tourism and formulation of special business initiatives in the field of cultural tourism.

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