28. April
at 20.30
Jazz hram - Postojna

AJDA STINA TUREK QUARTET (Slovenia), opening act: Mya in kompanija

Ajda Stina Turek, vocals
Erik Marenče, Hammond organ
Marko Čepak Maki, guitar
Pavel Čebašek, drums

Ajda Stina Turek is one of the most well-known younger Slovenian jazz vocalists, a composer, and a regular on the radio waves. She graduated summa cum laude in Vocal Performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, and completed a master’s degree in Contemporary Performance and Music Production from Berklee’s European branch in Valencia, Spain. In 2017, she was the only among 1,200 singers at Berklee to win the award for Best Jazz Vocalist. A year later, while still studying at Berklee, she released her first EP entitled ‘Sonder’ with a team of more than twenty musicians from across the globe. Her original composition “The World We Don’t Live” was included in the Sigic Jazz compilation Music Slovenia – Jazz 2019. She performed at the Jazz Ljubljana festival in Cankarjev Dom with Big Band RTV Slovenia alongside other Slovenian jazz musicians residing in New York. She is also well-established in the pop genre, having received the expert jury’s award for Most Promising Songwriter and Performer for her song “V melodiji večnega dueta” at the Popevka 2019 festival. At the invitation of Radio Slovenia and ARS programme, she joined the European Broadcasting Union Jazz Orchestra as the only Slovenian representative to perform in Vienna, Graz, Linz, and Salzburg. She has performed New York jazz clubs and sang on a cruise ship for several months before the pandemic. In March 2022 one of Slovenia’s biggest labels Založba ZKP RTV released a special duet album titled ‘Rajska ptica’, which she recorded with noted Slovenian vibraphonist Vid Jamnik, featuring original compositions, Slovenian evergreens, and jazz standards. She will release a new EP shortly.

Mia Rebec (Mya and Company) is a young and promising singer from Postojna who also plays the piano, violin, and ukulele. In 2021, she competed in Špil liga, a competition for young musicians, that gave rise to the fame of Koala Voice, Joker Out, and others. She regularly participates in festivals such as Arsana, Zmaj ma mlade, and Poletje v Šiški. With her ‘kompanija’ of excellent musicians, she performs a diverse program with exceptional dynamism, musicality, and particular freshness that only youth can bring.

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