25. August
at 21.45
Novi trg - Ljubljana

AMARO DUHO (Hungary) – Festival Nights in Ljubljana Old Town

Dobi Matild Sarolta, vocals
Bihari Matild, vocals, dance
Bihari Róbert, vocals, guitar
Kökény Tamás, double bass
Bihari Ibrahim, percussion

In 2021 Matild Dobi, widely famous as one of the founding members of the world-renowned gypsy music sensation Ando Drom (founded 1984), decided to combine nearly four decades of musical experience with her love of family, her children’s energy, and everyone’s musical talent to create the family band known as Amaro Duho (trans. Our Souls). This new performer of Vlach musical culture serve up a deeply felt authenticity of evergreen Romani melodies in a simply unique way.

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