28. August
at 20.00
Novi trg (New Square) - Ljubljana


Aldo Kumar, accordeon
Peter Beltram, flute
Aljaž Rendla, clarinet
Iztok Smeh, clarinet
Peter Jud, violin
Peter Jakša, guitar
Miran Mohar, harmonica, tambourine
Nino de Gleria, double bass
Janez Pirc, cajon
Tomislav Čizmić, vocals

Vocal Group Lan
Choirmaster: Mateja Jakša Jurković

Anbot is a music group that brings together musicians of various musical skills and, above all, diverse professional missions, from a distinguished judge and film producer to a painter and manager. With great dedication, the members of the ensemble co-create a rarely heard combination of music. Their repertoire includes songs from the Balkan and Asian nations, Italian film themes, Irish and French folk motifs, old Latin hits, klezmer and many other songs that evoke nostalgia with their melodic impulses and paint the landscape of a time, when live music still connected people with the warmth of its expressiveness.

The vocal group Lan from Metlika has been active for 30 years. It consists of girls and women from all over Bela krajina, who share a love for performing folk and art songs by domestic and foreign composers, and finding and achieving new musical challenges. They regularly participate in regional competitions and thematic concerts of Sozvočenje, where they achieve great success. Recently, they have been collaborating a lot with the younger generation of Slovenian composers, who have also written some songs for them. In the past, they have sung with famous musicians and participated in various musical and stage projects, most recently in December last year, when they performed as a choir in the first tambura opera Ambrož and Katarina.

Admission free.

Due to safety measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections, all visitors must wear protective facemasks, disinfect their hands regularly, and observe a safety distance of at least 1.5 m. To ensure safety, we kindly ask all visitors to strictly follow the instructions. If you suspect that you have come in contact with the coronavirus or are showing typical signs of the disease, do not attend the event. Let’s take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

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