18. October
at 20.00



Sandra Sangiao – lead vocals (Spain)
Robindro Nikolic – clarinet, bass clarinet, duduk (Serbia, India)
Mattia Schirosa – accordion (Italy)
Ivan Kovacevic – double bass (Serbia)
Julien Chanal – guitar (France)
Stelios Togias – percussion, tzouras (Greece)
Special guests:
Vlado Kreslin – guitar, vocal (Slovenia)
Ferus Mustafov – saxophone (Macedonia)

Tickets – seats: Early Bird 13 €*, Regular 15 €*

Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra has been thrilling audiences all over Europe with their soulful, vibrant show of traditional and popular Gipsy and Jewish music from Eastern Europe. BGKO is an international ensemble based in Barcelona, renowned for exploring musical roots, specific timbres and forgotten styles, and for creating and performing with outstanding personality.

BGKO is made of six musicians from around the world, playing clarinet, double bass, accordion, guitar, lead vocals, percussion etc. Coming originally from Serbia, Italy, France, Spain, Greece and India, BGKO’s musicians connected in Barcelona over their passion for Balkan music with their own special perspective. Their particular style comes from Klezmer music, Gipsy Jazz and Romani music as well as from their exploration of forgotten music styles, specific timbres and flavours from regions around Eastern Europe. BGKO has also been inspired by Barcelona’s eclectic music scene, from Latin-American melodies, traditional Catalan and Middle Eastern music to electrifying Jazz and Rockabilly.

The group’s debut album, IMBARCA (Satélite K, 2014) was listed in the Best Ethnic Music Albums in 2014 on Spanish National Radio, while Djelem Djelem has over 1.5 Million visits on YouTube. IMBARCA was also the first album presented at all FNAC stores in Barcelona.

Their new album will be released in 2015, featuring legendary guests from Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey.

As in the best Gypsy and Jewish traditions, ever enriched by exchanges with other migrant musicians, BGKO has also created a large musical family of artists, musicians, singers etc.

Special guests King Ferus Mustafov (Macedonia) and Vlado Kreslin.


In cooperation with 1. program (first programme) Radio Slovenia and Kino Šiška.

Secondary school and university students, senior citizens, registered unemployed persons and registered self-employed persons in fields of culture and media, upon presenting valid proof of status, as well as groups of over 5 are entitled to purchase advance tickets at a 20 % discount in Kino Šiška and at all Eventim outlets (not applicable on the day of event).

Various discounts are mutually exclusive. Discounts apply to all public events in Kino Šiška. A limited amount of discount tickets available.

Admission free for children aged 6 and under. Physically impaired and sensory-deprived people are entitled to a free ticket, plus admission free for one (1) person assisting them.

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