26. May
at 20.30
Slavnostna dvorana ptujskega gradu (Ptuj Castle Festival Hall) - Ptuj


Matej Grahek, flute
Matej Šarc, oboe
Jože Kotar, clarinet
Zoran Mitev, bassoon
Miha Rogina, saxophone
Jože Rošer, horn

The ensamble Camerata Academica brings together Slovenian musicians, professors at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. The line-up of the ensemble is ever-changing, depending on the specific requirements of their projects, which gives them access to a very varied and wide repertoire. They play pieces for various chamber ensembles that feature string and wind instruments of both worldwide and Slovene, as well as the old and most recent music. Their concerts are an experience to behold due to their technical perfection and musical excellence.

Admission information can be found here.

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