09. August
at 20.30
Stari trg - Ljubljana

D.O.V.E. – Drums Organ Vibes Ensemble (Italija)

Giovanni Perin, vibraphone
Giulio Campagnolo, Hammond organ
Andrea Davì, drums

D.O.V.E. (Drums, Organ,Vibes Ensemble) is one of the most innovative groups in the contemporary jazz scene thanks to the sought-after mix of three unique instruments – vibraphone, Hammond organ and drums, which have never been used together in the European music scene. The trio plays music ranging from the energetic and funky to the most sophisticated of hard-bop, and they also perform refined original compositions and innovative arrangements of a number of masterpieces taken from American song repertoire. Tonight we will hear Giovanni Perin’s compositions Four steps, Emesong, The preacher, Una danza per te, Imprecation, Dove goes funk, as well as compositions by Giulio Campagnolo (Boti, Terra inquieta).

Head of the band, vibraphonist, composer and pedagogue Giovanni Perin, comes from Padua (Italy). He studied percussion with Alberto Macchini at the Padua Conservatory. In 2010 he graduated with honors at the Drama, Arts and Music Studies Faculty (University of Padua) and at the Adria Conservatory of Classical Music. In 2014 he graduated with honors at the Jazz Institute of Berlin (with Dave Friedman) and completed his Jazz Master’s at the Conservatory of Music in Rovigo (Italy). He has won many prestigious jazz competitions. In 2011 he won the Zorzella Prize (a scholarship for the most talented young jazz player of the year). He worked as vibes player and percussionist on the Italian national radio and on TV programs such as Il Terzo Anello and Fahrenheit at RAI, Klassik, Pop et Cetera (Deutschlandfunk) and Jazz Radio (Germany). He has performed in Europe, Asia and Australia with many important international musicians, such as Dave Samuels and Neil Leonard, Fabrizio Bosso, Vittorio Matteucci, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Elias Stemeseder, Kelvin Sholar, Eric Vaughn and others. He has been invited to give masterclasses in vibraphone and marimba in Melbourne, Sidney and Canberra, as well as at Universities in Toronto, Montreal and Istanbul and at many italian Conservatories. He appeared at important jazz festivals, such as Berlin Jazz Radio Festival and festivals in Ancona, Padua and Bologna.

Free admission.

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