30. July
at 20.30
Stari trg (Old square) - Ljubljana

DUO VAKKORDEOLINE (Austria, Czech Republic)

Paul Schuberth, accordion, vocal
Tomáš Novák, violin, vocal

Duo Vakkordeoline, not both members equally young, are internationally active musicians that began collaborating in 2014 by exploring different interpretations and sounds of an extremely complex field and intersections of current and historical fun serious and seriously fun music in search of finding the perfect musical imbalance, hidden elements of virtuosity, subdued explosiveness, pretentious simplicity, clumsy seriousness, and sophisticated popular music. They immortalized their uncompromising performance for the first time with the album Altre storie (2016) with compositions, each of which – as it was written in the review – »represents the whole universe«.

Paul Schuberth (1994), one of the most renowned Austrian accordionists of the young generation, voluntarily dedicates himself to playing the accordion from an early age. Despite his youth, the review of his references is surprisingly abundant. He completed his tireless training as a concert musician and composer in 2018 at Bruckner University in Linz. He is a multiple winner of national and international awards at competitions in performing and composing music (Klingenthal, Castelfidardo, Austrian World Music Award 2010 etc.). He presents a wide repertoire of original and interpretive musical experience and knowledge as a soloist and in regular collaboration with the trio akk: zent (Austria), Bratko Bibič & Dedley Woodley Bears (Austria, Czech Republic), in duets with accordionist A. Dimovski (Austria/Northern Macedonia), violinist Jelena Popržan (Austria/Serbia) and violinist Tomaš Novak (Austria/Czech Republic). With various ensembles, musicians such as Otto Lechner, André Heller, Paul Gulda etc., and solo he performed concerts in Austria, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, Iceland, and Slovenia. He has recorded 8 CDs with original music, most recently in 2017 his third solo album Dark Side of Sun, about which the reviewer wrote in Vienna’s Falter: »23-year-old accordionist Paul Schubert is considered a genius of his genre. He has now released his third solo album, but what genre can we talk about here? It’s improvisation at the highest level, every beat is reversed many times – Schubert can’t afford a second of peace. He doesn’t do it systematically, he simply can’t do otherwise: virtuoso changes of tempos, pitch and sounds in all possible variations, which are hardly reminiscent of an accordion, with short melodies in between – Schuberth is a genius. « (Stefanie Panzenböck, FALTER 36/2017).

Tomáš Novák (b. 1987 in Prague) comes from a family of Czech emigrants to Vienna, where the former punk and rock musician recognized his dedication to the music profession very early on and completed his classical violin studies at the Vienna Conservatory. Now a keen and fast-paced jazz violinist, inspired composer, and also an excellent singer, after studying jazz violin at Bruckner University in Linz, while regularly composing and playing in the duet Vakkordeoline with P. Schubert (album Altre storie 2017), he also participates in various ensembles, e.g. the international group Gypsy Jazz Collective Hot Club du Nax, as well as in larger ones, e.g. the 27-member The Orchestra Suite Project by Austrian contemporary jazz composer Michael Mantler with concerts in Austria, Germany, and many European capitals, such as, in his words, »Baku, Tbilisi, Ankara or Feldkirchen, and Dijon«.

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