20. August
at 21.00
MUMUSH FESTIVAL, Adrianu Mare, Romania (Gargantua Stage)

ETCETERAL (Slovenia)

Boštjan Simon, saxophone
Marek Fakuč, drums
Lina Rice, visuals

Etceteral is a Slovenian experimental trio dedicated to creating propulsive futuristic jazz. Their sound is marked by abstract modular exploration, hypnotic drumming, bouncing textures of the horn and crystal-clear production. They illuminate interspaces between dub, krautrock, afro-rhythms, and free improvisation with quantized electronic music. They then harmonize the resulting soundscape with the worlds of visual art. Their unique fusion of electronics, afro-futurism, and free jazz is supplied by saxophonist Boštjan Simon and drummer Marek Fakuč, while the ensuing musical synesthesia is emphasized by the visuals created by the band’s third member Lina, who contributes sophisticated aesthetics and thereby the band’s overall visual image. Their infectiously free musical expression will impress any late-night dancer and lover of freedom.

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