19. September
at 18.00
Galerija Janez Boljka (Janez Boljka Art Gallery) - Gornji trg 16, Ljubljana


The exhibition commemorates former and contemporary Palestinian photographers. Each of them has faced, or is still facing, many challenges.

Early Palestinian photographers were largely unrecognized outside of Palestine, as European photographers flocked to the region to photograph the Holy Land for the Western market. Many local photographers worked for the American Colony Studio, which had a policy of not acknowledging the authors of photographs. The same applies to the later period, after 1948, when UNRWA (UN Agency for Palestine Refugees) was founded. In most cases, the photographic archive of the UN agency does not list the names of the photographers.

In 1948, the Zionist forces systematically looted and destroyed the archives of Palestinian photographers in order to erase the evidence of the existence of the Palestinian nation. The same thing happened again in 1967. Some archives are still accessible, mainly thanks to the family members of the photographers.

Palestinian photographer Ashraf Dowani will be with us at the opening. After the official work, a small reception follows.

The exhibition will be on display until November 19, 2022.

Admission free.

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