30. August
at 20.00
Nights in Old Ljubljana Town
Novi trg - Ljubljana

HAMSA HAMSA (Spain, Israel)

Anna Casadovocals
Lluc Riba, saxophone
Ofer Ronenoud, oud, guitar
Jon Unanuabass guitar
Albert Enkaminankodrums, percussion

This Spanish-Israeli band builds bridges between Mediterranean cultures, linking the sounds of flamenco guitars and Arab lutes with Jewish or Sephardic musical traditions.

Hamsa Hamsa was born in the city of Barcelona. We are five musicians, arriving from different musical worlds. Our base is the Sephardic tradition with the musics of the Middle East, but we are influenced by flamenco, jazz and Balkan music as well.

Our intention is to share our emotion through ancestral rhythms and melodies, transmitting them to the contemporary musical scene. We would like you to participate in our adventure, to dance, sing, and get excited together with us, letting your ears discover new musical universes. Let’s enjoy together through love and respect to life and to all cultures!

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Free admission.

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