29. August
at 22.00
Gornji trg (Upper Square) - Ljubljana


Ana Mezgec, violin
Jaka Jarc, guitar, vocals
Janez Moder, bass guitar
Blaž Gregorin, drums

The progressive blues and rock band  JG3O consists of experienced musicians who have been training in Slovenia and abroad for decades. After returning from England, the band formed author, guitarist and singer Jaka Jarc. The rhythm section consists of Janez Moder (bass guitar) and Blaž Gregorin (drums), the music cast is complemented by academic violinist Ana Mezgec. The band originates from blues, but with their original compositions, they have stepped far from this genre. An innovative mix was created and merged into calm, genre-oriented rock music, which tries to capture the balance between the listenability and communicativeness of pop music on the one hand and the weaving of innovative details and unexpected musical complications on the other. All but monotonous music that somehow manages to remain pleasing to both laymen and more discerning listeners.

As a studio musician or member of a group, guitarist, singer and author Jaka Jarc has collaborated with many alternative artists, including the internationally successful progressive rock band Moonlight Sky, Sfiltrom, Živel je Mož and Melodrom. As a music producer and arranger, he has collaborated with the same bands and a wide range of others (e.g. Lara B.). He occasionally participates in classical music as a mandolin soloist with the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ljubljana and the Slovenian Philharmonic and was also a longtime member of the internationally renowned Ljubljana Mandolin Orchestra. He is the author of some classical works for chamber orchestra, his mandolin compositions are also performed by foreign orchestras, and he also often composes popular music. He lived and worked in England, where he participated in the groups The Pookas and Hannah Stacey Experience, as well as a member of the music ensemble of the famous theatre department of the University of Exeter – Exeter Drama Dpt and Exeter University Soul Choir.

In October 2018, top academic violinist and broad-minded musician Ana Mezgec joined the group as a permanent member. In 2017, she participated in the project of the Mediterranean Orchestra in the south of France, and a year later she was the concertmaster of the Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra and also gave concerts in Berlin. She has participated in the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana City Theater, and in 2019 she performed as a soloist with the SNG Maribor Symphony Orchestra. She is currently a full-time violinist with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. In addition to classical music, she has performed many other genres. She has collaborated with bands and musicians such as Noctiferia, Goran Bojčevski and Vlatko Stefanovski, Gal Gjurin, and Brencl banda.

Bassist Janez Moder is a well-known name on the Slovenian popular music scene. He has been a regular member of the Moonlight Sky band from the very beginning, and has also played with the groups Gal and Galeristi, Aritmija, Didiwa and collaborated with many renowned Slovenian musicians, such as Gal (and Severa) Gjurin, Marko Hatlak, and Miha Vanič.

Drummer Blaž Gregorin has collaborated with many musicians of various genres. From rocker Babewatch and Johnny’s Band, alternative Sfiltrom, to the project Sužnji sendvičev (Slaves of Sandwiches) by singer-songwriter Matej Krajnec and the group Andropavza. In recent years, he has been actively involved in the Slovenian music scene, where he has taken care of the promotion of some of the most famous local musicians such as Siddharta, Dan D, Muff, Maraaya, 6pack Čukur, Alya, DMP, and Lara-B.

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