25. August
at 21.45
Stari-Gornji trg, Ljubljana

TRIO LOS HOSTES (Austria, Slovenia) – Festival Nights in Ljubljana Old Town

Claudia Schwab, violin, vocals
Matija Solce, accordion, vocals
Aleš Zorec, drums

Jodlfunk, hip hop, Irish, Balkan – groove, ragas turned reels and alpine harmonies: In intimate comradery, Claudia, Aleš and Matija move between soft, lyrical songs to heart-lifting dance tunes: a rollercoaster of inter- cultural, genre-hopping folk and original music from here, there and everywhere. Past performances have included appearances at Nekropolis Festival (CZ), Floating Castle Festival (SLO), Kultursommer Wien (AT) and Aeson Festival (IT).

Admission free.

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