23. May
at 20.30
Hiša madžarske dediščine (Hungarian Heritage House) - Budapest


Goran Bojčevskiclarinet
Jani Sever, keyboards
Jošt Lampret, double bass
Žiga Kožardrums

The music of the Macedonian clarinetist and composer Goran Bojčevski, who lives in Slovenia, where (besides Austria) he also studied academically, combines all the influences found in his musical path: from the southern temperament, a sense of structure as found in the classics’, to the freedom of jazz. His many international collaborations and enviable mileage in the field of classical music, jazz and folk music have hardened him into a musician in whom a burning desire to find new expressive possibilities burns. From such a test is also balkan nuevo, a genre he invented himself and combines Balkan, Latino and other ingredients. It is a new expedition of Bojčevski’s artistic expedition and his quartet.


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