30. August
at 22.00
Nights in Old Ljubljana Town
Dvorni trg - Ljubljana


Matej M. Podobnik, trumpet
Jure Suličtrombone
Rok Černicelectric guitar
Vasja Kavčičacoustic guitar
Timi Vremecbass guitar
Žiga Ipavecpercussion
Urban Kušardrums
Aljaž Mačekdjembe

A sound ritual of eight enthusiasts, inspired by sub-Saharan percussion polyrhythmia, afrobeat, funk, jazz-spiritual repertoire, and most of all by the “magic” of musical instrument interaction.

Nesesari Kakalulu is a Slovenian collective of nine jazz buffs, who just wanna make you sweat. Their sound is a mix of intricate polyrhythmic drumming, detailed percussion and intense guitar grooves, all entwined by the stabbing brass section. They’ve definitely fallen for Fela Kuti’s legacy, the glue that holds them together. The result? A unique modern ritual that echoes sub-Saharan percussive traditions, afrobeat, spiritual jazz and straightforward funk. It’s an intricately glued sonic collage of dense Pastorius-like basslines and harmonic guitar interplays, congas trying to mesmerize the drums and the brass players trying to seduce the rhythmic section into a whirlwind of madness! It’s free-floating dance music with just enough space for impulsive explosions of improvisation. An ensemble of friends, a tiny funk orchestra, but most of all a squad of music fans with the simple goal to make you jack your body! There’s a new frenzical malady that causes you lose your mind – it’s called Nesesari Kakalulu.

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Free admission.

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