15. April
at 19.00
Slavnostna dvorana ptujskega gradu (Ptuj Castle Festival Hall) - Ptuj

KGBL Chamber Choir: ORIENT – OCCIDENT / EAST – WEST (Slovenia)

Conductor and artistic director: Ambrož Čopi

Matej Grahek, flute
Matej Šarc, oboe
Jože Kotar, clarinet
Miha Rogina, saxophone 
Zoran Mitev, bassoon 
Jože Rošer, horn

Under the direction of Ambrož Čopi, the KGBL Chamber Choir will present selected works by Slovenian composers such as: Ambrož Čopi, Tadeja Vulc, Andrej Makor, Tine Bec, Matej Kastelic, Klara Mlakar, Jan Triler.

Slovenians are situated at the crossroads of various cultures, religions, and nationalities, serving as a bridge between the East and West (orient-occident). This project focuses on the cultural spheres of the two religions present in this area – Catholicism and Orthodoxy – and connects them to their pagan heritage through songs about the sun.

The majority of compositions by renowned Slovenian composers were created in recent times, specifically for the KGBL Chamber Choir. These pieces seamlessly blend diverse soundscapes to bridge the gap between past and present igniting the embers of our innermost core and inspire us to hope.

Admission fee: 15 €
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