16. July
at 10.00
Kulturni dom (Cultural Centre) Gorica (IT)


Piano Masterclass sessions conducted by Alexander Gadjiev, one of the world’s topmost pianists and Ambassador of the European Culture Capital – Nova Gorica/Gorizia, GO2025! will be taking place between 14 and 20 July 2023. In the spirit of cross-border international cooperation and a borderless Europe, the first part of the masterclass (14—18 July) will run in the Italian town of Gorizia and the second part at the prestigious Grand Hall of the Slovenian Philharmonic in Ljubljana.

Due to the extremely high quality of applicants, Alexander decided to accept 12 participants, instead of the intended 10. He also dedicated an online session to each of the non-selected applicants in order to clarify why they were not selected this year. In true international fashion, applicants hail from seven countries (Australia, Germany, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Slovenia). On 16 July, Alexander will be focusing on classical improvisation, conducting sessions with Max Zuliani, Daisuke Jagi, and Mak Mihevc. Select participants will also prepare concerts, which will be held in Italy (17 and 18 July) and Slovenia (19 and 20 July), for more information please consult our online programme.

Lunch break is from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

The masterclass is open to the public and can be visited free of charge.

The Masterclass is organized with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Gorizia, the Municipality of Ljubljana, and The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia in collaboration with Annalisa Zorzettig Winery, Pecar pianos, Silič Piano Tuning, Kulturni dom Gorica, the Slovenian Philharmonic, and the media partnership of Il giornale della musica and Radio Città Aperta.

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