11. August
at 20.30
Ljubljanski grad, grajsko dvorišče (Ljubljana Castle Courtyard) - Ljubljana

QUARTET CHAGALL: Comedìa – 700 years of Alighieri (Italy)

Paolo Skabar, violin
Matteo Ghione, violin
Jacopo Toso, viola
Ilsu Guresci, cello

Interpreter: Pierluigi Pintar
Multivision artist, stage director: Francesco Lopergolo

The theatrical show Comedìa was born with the intention of making Dante’s passion for music known. The performance is conceived as a unicum that alternates and adds a narrating voice, the projection of images and sets with digital graphics and, of course, chamber music, performed live by the Chagall Quartet. It is a unique and innovative theatrical performance, with the main intent of representing – through multiple kinds of visual, musical and acting art – the emotions and sensations that the most significant episodes of Dante’s Inferno arouse. Academic approach was abandoned by choice, so the audience will be immersed in a whirlwind of emotions that will allow them to identify themselves with Dante’s characters, thus experiencing an original and unprecedented »Dante experience«.

A professional actor has the task of narrating passages taken from some significant parts of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The realization of the multimedia scenography, projections and stage effects are instead entrusted to Francesco Lopergolo, a professional of multivision, which he uses to »visualize music«, his great passion. The innate creativity pushes him to go against the tide of the canons of classic multivision, capable of combining innovation and feeling. He won numerous national and international competitions. In 1994 he was one of the founders in Rieti of AIDAMA (National Association of Authors of Artistic Multi-vision).

The year 2021 is Dante’s year. The Supreme Poet died in Ravenna between 13th and 14th September 1321. Celebrating the seventh centenary of Dante’s death, Comedìa aims to present the poets Inferno to the public from a human point of view, bringing out the sensations and emotions experienced both by the most emblematic characters in their lives, and by Dante himself and the damned in the circles of hell. In pursuing this goal, music and projections will contribute greatly: Dante’s work will have a new and innovative look, made up of details and points of view, emotions and disturbances, love and pain. The musical pieces consist of fragments taken from works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Ligeti, among others, as well as sound effects, improvisations and much more. The stories, lives, experiences lived by some emblematic characters met by Dante in Hell will be presented, who will be »painted on the stage canvas« thanks to images, lights, sounds and words. The parts of The Poem on which the show focuses are as follows: I, III (Charon), V (Paolo and Francesca), XXVI (Ulysses), XXXII-XXXIII (Ugolino) and XXXIV (Lucifer and the traitors).

Appreciated by critics and audience for the great passion and the perfect mix between the various instruments present in its performance, the Chagall Quartet is made up of young musicians from Italy and Turkey, which met, during their studies, in the city of Trieste (Italy). Deriving from many different chamber music experiences, the ensemble members founded this group in 2014, with the purpose of going deep to the heart of both the traditional string quartet repertoire, rarely played compositions, and world premieres, under musicians like Andrea Amendola (Paul Klee 4et) and Pietro Serafin. Unanimously praised for the rare attention to dynamics and details of the scores, the Chagall Quartet got many prizes, including in particular the Golden Award and two special prizes at the 9th Svirél International Music Competition (Slovenia), the first prize at the 30th Lilian Caraian Competition (Italy), and the finalist certificate (3rd place) at the Cameristi dell’Alpe Aria International Competition (Italy, 2016). They performed at important festivals, and for distinguished cultural institutions in Italy and abroad, such as Parma Concert Society, Trieste Concert Society, Amici della Musica W. de Angelis of Campobasso, ACM Chamber Music of Trieste, Association Rodolfo Lipizer of Gorizia, and many others, collaborating with great artists such as Giampaolo Bandini, Cesare Chiacchiaretta, and Igor Zobin. The formation gained great approval also for some premieres by composers such as N. Jappelli and C. Chiacchiaretta. In October 2019, the Chagall Quartet had an eight-concerts-tour in China, performing in their best concert halls, including Beijing’s National Library Arts Center, Ji’nan’s Shandong Grand Theater, Harbin Concert Hall, Guotai Arts Center in Chongqing, and Shanghai City Theater. Marc Chagall and his famous painting The blue violinist (1913) inspired mutivision projects (music&images) and the name of the group.

Admission free. *In case of rain, the concert will take place at the Hribar Hall.

The number of seats is limited. Free tickets can be picked up until 10th August 2021 at the Imago Sloveniae office (Gornji trg 16, Ljubljana), and on the day of the concert at the Entrance Pavilion in front of the main entrance to Ljubljana Castle and at the lower station of the castle funicular railway .

For the guests of the concert, a special return ticket price for the funicular railway is available (3€ per person).

Due to the amendments to the decree on the temporary restriction of the cultural services, event may be attended only by persons with a certificate of: recovery of covid-19 (P), vaccination (C) or a negative test result, which must not be older than 48 hours (T). Entry to the event is only possible with a PCT certificate. Certificate is not required for children under the age of 15 who attend the event with close family members or guardians.

Due to safety measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections, all visitors must wear protective facemasks, disinfect their hands regularly, and observe a safety distance of at least 1 m.

Entry to the event is only possible with a ticket, visitors are asked to enter the venue individually, hostesses will accompany them to a vacant seat. If you suspect that you have come in contact with the coronavirus or are showing typical signs of the disease, do not attend the event.

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