25. August
at 9.00
SYMPOSIUM 24.-27. 8.





9.00 Registration
10.00 Leonardo D’Amico, Chair of the Audiovisual Ethnomusicology Study Group Barley Norton, Program Committee Chair Svanibor Pettan, ICTM Secretary General and Chair of the Organizing Committee
11.00 Terada Yoshitaka Practicing Audiovisual Ethnomusicology with Marginalized Communities: Challenges and Prospects
11.30 Dario Ranocchiari and Eugenio Giorgianni Music videos: Collaboration in filmmaking and the digital circulation as a research method in ethnomusicology
12.00 Domenico Staiti and Silvia Bruni Obsessed with film jinn: filming ghosts in Morocco
14.30 Mohammad Ashkan Nazari Sound and Visual Archives in Ethnomusicology: A Study of Hawrami Community Music
15.00 Andrew Pace Community Creation and Curation: A Hidden Archive of Maltese Għana Footage
15.30 Jasmina Talam and Tamara Karača Villach Voices of the Past: Sound Recordings from the Archives of the Institute of Musicology
16.30 Charlotte Vignau Video project to explore alpine horn playing and yodeling in Lucerne
17.00 Salvatore Morra Tunisian Lute Video Culture (ʻŪd)
17.30 Yu Hui A phoenix song in a changing society

FRIDAY, August 26


9.30 Manfred Bartmann Field Recordings and Experimental Approaches: A Plan for Another Extended CD
10.00 George Mürer Fluidity of Works: Rhetoric, Forum, Scholarship and the Domain of Ethnomusicological Films and Other Media
10.30 Saida Yelemanova and Suinbike Suleimenova Kazakh traditional song as a theme of audiovisual ethnomusicology
11.30 Eckehard Pistrick Constructing an imaginary migrant through sound and image: (self-) presentation of the migrant-hero and migrant-l victim in the context of the recent refugee crisis
12.00 Yves Defrance Making an Ethnomusicological Documentary: Some Experiences and Tips
12.30 Giorgio Adamo Audiovisual or “film”? Some comments on the use of video materials for documentation and research purposes
14.30 Gerda Lechleitner Establishment of a “kind of sound archive” (Exner 1900) for future research on the case of the CD collection “Complete Historical Collections 1899-1950”
15.00 Isobel Clouter Documenting the Impact of the Repatriation of Audiovisual Collections: Reconnecting Nepali Communities with the Work of Arnold Baké
15.30 Rolf Killius Where the Sea Kisses the Desert: Multiethnic Musical Impressions from the Arabian Peninsula
16.30 Jana Belišová Stories in Poems, Poems in Stories
17.00 Julio Guillén Navarro Analysis of two traditional May celebrations in the English Channel: between the fields of Montiela and the Alcaraz Mountains (Albacete, Spain)
17.30 Leonardo D’Amico Recording a vocal performance and the related interaction process: a case study of contrast in Ottawa rhyme in Tuscany, Italy

SATURDAY, August 27


9.00 Renato Morelli Recording complex polyphony
11.30 Marita Fornaro Bordolli and Antonio Diaz Registering Humor: Theoretical and Methodological Reflections on Murg Filmmaking at the Uruguayan Carnival
12.00 Aida Islam and Stefanija Leshkova Zelenkovska Audiovisual media in monitoring the continuity of the musical tradition of the Turkish Juruks in eastern Macedonia
12.30 Barley Norton A musical heritage filming
14.30 Matías Isolabella and Raquel Jimenez Filming Taʿrīj: Crafts, Ritual and Gender in Morocco
15.00 Jennie Gubner More Than Fishing Nets and Fedora: Sensory Filmmaking and Empowering Local Social Aesthetics at the Tango Venues in Buenos Aires
15.30 Paolo Vinati Sounds of the islands: music for the bellows on Cres and Lošinj
16.30 All participants General Assembly of the Audiovisual Ethnomusicology Study Group

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