27. August
at 20.30
Gornji trg (Upper Square) - Ljubljana


Vito Marenče, guitar
Andrej Tomazin, percussion
Ana Pandur, dance

In the spirit of the southern rhythms of Andalusia, Vito Mareence Flamenco Duo will perform with the established flamenco dancer Ana Pandur.

Ana Pandur, author, dancer, choreographer. She has already explored flamenco and its application in contemporary performance practices as part of her studies of philosophy and Spanish at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, and has completed it with an extensive study. After completing her education in classical ballet, she studied flamenco dance and theory at the Amor de Dios Academy in Madrid with Merche Esmeralda and other giants of the genre between 2002 and 2004. After returning to Slovenia, she founded PKD Flamenco, which is the central organization for the development, promotion, and education of flamenco.

As a dancer, choreographer, and dance pedagogue, she connects flamenco with contemporary performance practices and seeks new authorial approaches, in which she connects flamenco with contemporary dance, theater, and music. She is the author of numerous dance performances, with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach to flamenco. She collaborates with foreign and Slovenian musicians as well as with dancers, choreographers, directors, and theaters as a dancer, choreographer, and performer. At the Academy of Dance at the University of Alma Mater Europaea, she lectures as a course convenor in Intercultural Dance Practice.

Guitar string virtuoso and composer Vito Marenče began his musical education at the age of 7 in the field of classical guitar. During his 10 years of education (classical) with Prof. Anton Črnugelj he participated in numerous national competitions, where he won one of the first three places. In the last three years of playing classical guitar, he also studied at the High School of Music – Department of Jazz and Pop Music with Prof. Aleš Strajnar. After graduating, he enrolled at the Rotterdam Conservatorium, where he learned from the world master of flamenco guitar Prof. Paco Pena, and attended workshops with masters such as Juan Gomaz – Chicuelo, Miguel Angel Cortes, Paco Serrano …

He has performed at numerous international festivals across Europe (North Sea Jazz, International Classical Festival Den Haag, De Doelen, Paradiso, Malkweg, Classical Festival Lucena Cordoba). He has collaborated with Angel Munoz, Nuria Manglano – La Granaina, Silvia Cabeza, Miguel Hiroshi Garcia, Jose Ligero, Juan Penas … After a two-year stay in Spain, Vito returns with his music and represents the flamenco tradition in a modern disguise. His music is a reflection of the eternal development in the field of music.

The composer and guitarist has preserved the essence of flamenco music, in his international (Spanish-Slovenian) ensembles, within the traditional free music form with elements of classical, jazz, Latin American, Indian classical, and Arabic music.

Admission free.

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