27. August
at 20.00
Staro mestno jedro (Old Town) - Ljubljana


The International Festival Nights in Old Ljubljana Town, traditionally held on the last weekend in August, is one of the largest and most widely attended music and cultural events in Slovenia.

The festival is based on carefully selected music content in genres such as ethno, jazz, chanson, world music and classical music, and provides an insight into current production in these fields of music. The finest foreign performers as well as outstanding Slovenian musicians are included in the program, with special emphasis on younger artists and contemporary music creativity. The three-day festival is extremely popular with the audience, as evidenced by the annual number of visitors (more than 60.000, both from Slovenia and abroad).

So at the end of August next year we will see you at the 32nd Festival Nights in Old Ljubljana Town. We are already preparing a great music program, which will be focusing on the rituality and spiritual dimensions in music!


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