11. March
at 13.00
Gradaščica river bank between Eipprova and Gradaška street - Ljubljana

Hail to the spring – “GREGORČKI”

According to tradition, the event will take place on the eve of St. Gregory, March 11th, between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., at Gradaščica river on Eipprova ulica in Trnovo, Ljubljana.

Hail to the Spring – Gregorčki is an event that commemorates an old folk custom, when craftsmen symbolically said their goodbyes to winter by releasing small wooden objects with burning candles along the streams, rejoicing that with the arrival of spring they will no longer need artificial lights at work. According to the old Julian calendar, spring begins on St. Gregory’s Day, March 12th. Thus, on the eve of St. Gregory’s Day children launch variously shaped boats with candles, called “St. Gregory’s boats” or “gregorčki”, on Gradaščica river. St. Gregory’s Day is also a holiday of love, as according to folk tradition, “birds get married” on this day. The spring experience at the event will be enriched by a cultural and musical program.

1 pm–6 pm
Floating the Gregorčki vessels

1:15 pm
The proper way to recycle – fun performance on the importance of environmental protection

1:30 pm
Presentation of Slovenian birds – interactive sound workshop

2 pm–6 pm
Making paper from Japanese knotweed – presentation
Making Gregorčki boats out of Japanese knotweed paper – creative workshop
Making Gregorčki boats out of wood – creative workshop
Drawing and colouring Slovenian birds – art workshop

2.30 pm
Performance by the students of the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana

3 pm
Learning about bird nesting and urban birds – interactive workshop
Treasures in the middle of town – Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška Hill Landscape Park – interactive workshop

4 pm
Acrobatic-circus performance by Inan and Mojca – children’s performance

4.30 pm
Ribič Pepe (Fisherman Pepe) – children’s musical performance

6–8 pm
Evening floating of the Gregorčki boats


1 pm–8 pm
Culinary Corner on Eipprova street


Inan Du Swami and Mojca Špik


Programme co-creators:
DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia
PAPLAB – Master paper handcrafting workshop
Tivoli, Rožnik, and Šiška Hill Landscape Park
Music School of the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana

Admission free.

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