15. July
at 20.30
Ljubljanska stolnica (Ljubljana Cathedral) - Ljubljana


Choirmaster: Fabiana Noro
Michele Bravin, organ, piano

Pavel Chesnokov (1877-1944), Spassenye sodelal
DmitriJ Bortnjanskij (1751-1825), Cherubic hymn
Franz Schubert (1797-1828), Psalm 23
Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger (1839-1901)
Ave Maria
Kyrie – Gloria (da Messa Op. 190)
Manolo Da Rold (1976), Ubi caritas
Ambroz Čopi (1973), Totus tuus
Renato Miani (1965), Clamavi – Pluvia celestis (da Genesi)
Eric Whitacre (1970), Lux aurumque

The Italian male choir Il Polifonico di Ruda (hailing from the Italian town of Ruda) has toured the world, playing in Canada, Russia, the United States, Mongolia, China, the Philippines, Argentina, and Brazil, as well as almost every European country. On a mission to preserve the Friulian tradition. They mastered music from the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. In honour of performing in Slovenia they will also perform a piece by noted Slovenian choir master and composer Ambrož Čopi. Under the baton of the excellent Italian choirmaster Fabiana Noro, their exceptional expression, technical proficiency, and collective musicianship have earned the choir 42 victories at prestigious international competitions worldwide, from Rome and Vienna all the way to Tallinn and Shaoxing. They are currently working on a comprehensive release that will feature works by contemporary organ-vocal music composers. They participate in the most important festivals, collaborating with both classical music luminaries and popular music stars. They have performed with renowned conductors such as Giovanni Sollima, Anton Nanut, Daniele Zanettovich, Alfredo Barchi, Alberto Martini, Walter Themel, Paolo Paroni, and Federico Mondelci. Composers from around the world write specifically for them. A 2010 documentary film about this elite ensemble has been viewed in more than twenty European countries. Renowned Italian film director and video game producer Renzo Carbonera trusted them with the music for his film “Resina”. With the approval of celebrated Estonian maestro Arvo Pärt, renowned director Mirko Locatelli also entrusted them with the music for the film “Isabelle”, which won an award at the Montreal International Film Festival. Their discography includes sixteen albums of sacred and secular music.

Admission free.

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