09. July
at 20.30
Gornji trg (Upper Square) - Ljubljana


Lado Jakša, keyboards, wind instruments, photography, multivision
Uroš Srpčič, drums, percussions
Jošt Drašler, double bass

 Jazz concert submerged in the multivision projection of the art photography »I SHALL BE UNKNOWN TO ALL« about the newly published, hitherto unknown poetry by Srečko Kosovel.

The project I SHALL BE UNKNOWN TO ALL is a simultaneous concert performance of original jazz music by Lado Jakša, Jošt Drašler, and Uroš Srpčič with the projection of »visual score«, a modern photomultivision of the ambiences of Kosovel’s poetics, which offers a unique multifaceted aesthetic experience of inventive jazz and ambient music, inspiring verses, and art photography. Along with the dramaturgy of the message, which flows through the photographic narrative – with projections of hitherto unpublished excerpts from Srečko Kosovel’s poetry – an original music expressively follows and upgrades both media.

Lado Jakša’s photography unfolds itself on the magical edge of sharpness and blur, closeness and depth, unusual views and perspectives, from black and white, through monochrome to colour. In the sense of the title I SHALL BE UNKNOWN TO ALL the photographic image tries to express the fluid that the musician radiates during his performance into the space around him, and this fluid resonates in the spectrum of musical dynamic vortices in sound dialogues with the content of Kosovel’s poetry.

Admission free.

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