In the year 2018 the national project Imago Sloveniae – Podoba Slovenije marked it’s 30th anniversary of being active in the fields of music and culture. The extend and stressfulness of the project is best demonstrated by statistics: over 2600 concerts, more than 11.000 topmost musicians, and more than a million and a half visitors.

The Imago Sloveniae project arose from the need to revive the cultural image of old Slovenian towns, castles, sacred buildings, museums and other architectural and cultural heritage objects, as well as to prepare a joint promotion of summer cultural events and festivals in Slovenia. Its origins date back to 1988, when the well-known Slovenian pianist and music educator Primož Lorenz, together with some other distinguished members of civil society, set up the Association for the Revival of the Cultural Image of the Old Town, which began organizing cultural events – classical music concerts in particular – in Ljubljana’s Old Town.

Following the association’s positive experiences, it was not long before the project spread outside the local area. Under the IMAGO SLOVENIAE brand, 25 cultural venues from all over the country came under one umbrella organization. Each year, they organize more than 100 concerts of distinguished local and international artists. The Slovenian summer cultural offer has been enriched by staging performances at historic and architecturally appealing locations. Things have shown that the revival of cultural heritage through high-quality events is a huge boost for the overall cultural, economic and tourism development of towns and regions.

The Imago Sloveniae institution strives to work at several levels. It brings high art from big centers to small towns, setting high standards of organizing cultural events; it promotes new music production and reproduction, and the artistic development of young musicians; and through free concerts it makes cultural goods accessible to the widest circle of music lovers. It is highly active in the area of international cooperation, having established links with many festivals and cultural institutions worldwide.

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