01. April
at 18.30
Galerija Janez Boljka (Janez Boljka Art Gallery) - Gornji trg 16, Ljubljana


Authors: Jur Samec and Aja Vesna Ginovska

Curator and text: Petja Grafenauer

Performing band: DISDRUGthisFUCK alias ˝Why so serious˝

»The snarling smile has a tragic undertone if we are aware of its history. G.C. arbitrarily puts on such a smile, with which he exposes himself and at the same time uses it as a mask. The authors snatched the snarling smile from history and “glued” it to various figurines, characters, situations. They understand a smile as a mask, a concealment of the true state of an individual, a disguise of identity. The tandem of Jur and Aja understand the act of concealing the true emotional state as avoiding responsibility. They do this locally, and so is the global situation in the society of which they are a part, although I would like to believe that it is not voluntary

Aja Vesna Ginovska
The exhibition will be on view from 1.4. to 29.4. 2013, from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

GC angel Photo Ajda S. 2

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