16. August
at 20.30
Mestni muzej (City Museum) - Ljubljana

BALKAN SYNTHESIS (Slovenia, North Macedonia)

Lovorka Nemeš Dular, piano
Jasmina Trajčeska, piano


Tomislav Zografski (1934–2000)
10 Miniatures for piano Op. 11

Janez Matičič (1926)
Fantasy Op. 2, No. 1 “Solennelle”
Fantasy Op. 2, No. 5 “Transparente”
Etuda Op. 66, No. 2 “Meccanica”
Etuda Op. 66, No. 7 “Liturgica” for left hand
Etuda Op. 30, No. 1, 3, 8
10 Pieces Spéciales Op. 9

Biljana Bojović (1980)
Still Here
Three Balkan Dances

Janez Matičič (1926)
Sonata No. 4 “Chorals” Op. 65 for four-hand piano

Lovorka Nemeš Dular is an accomplished musician, dedicated to both, solo and chamber music, pedagogical work, and musicological activities. She graduated in classes of prof. Dubravka Tomšič Srebotnjak (Academy of Music, Ljubljana), Arbo Valdma (College of Music, Cologne), Konstantin Bogin (IESMUS, Bergamo), and Marina Horak (Academy of Music, Ljubljana). Due to her desire to understand the essence of music, she also completed her studies in musicology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. Although she enjoys in different musical styles, she prefers to delve into rarely performed compositions and new music. So far, she has performed as a soloist, with an orchestra, and in various chamber groups (with flutists, singers, in a piano duo etc.) in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Italy, Germany, and Estonia. Since 2016, she has been part of the unconventional ensemble [TriO], in which her musical partners are flutist Nikolina Kovač Juvan and horn player Robert Petrič. In 2013, the album Evterpi was released, with compositions by the composer Žarko Živković, on which most of the pieces were performed by Lovorka. In 2018 the ensemble [TriO] released a double CD with original and adapted pieces composed for them. In the same year Lovorka also released an album named Wagner’s Muse, with compositions for piano solo and vocal songs by Richard Wagner, in which the singing part is performed by soprano Teja Saksida. On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, Lovorka and violinist Nadežda Tokareva prepared a performance of all the composer’s sonatas for violin and piano. The mentioned works are also in the process of being recorded for the archives of RTV Slovenia. In addition to solo and chamber performances, Lovorka Nemeš Dular regularly records solo and chamber music for the archives of RTV Slovenia, writes academic articles (for the magazine Glasna, Virkla (EPTA), Music at School, etc.), is engaged in musicological research, and teaches piano at the music school in Grosuplje.

Jasmina Trajčeska was born in Prilep (North Macedonia). She completed her music education at the Ilija Nikolovski – Luj National School of Music and Ballet in Skopje, in the class of prof. Valery Stefanovsky. She also took master classes with Michael Keller, Konstantin Bogin, Svetlana Bogina, Vladimir Ogarkov, Andrei Diev, and others. She has been awarded several times, including 2nd prize at the Dino Ciani International Competition in Milan, special prize at the Interfest International Piano Festival in Bitola, Northern Macedonia, 3rd place at the International Piano Competition in Genoa, 3rd place at the International Competition San Bartolomeo al mare, and 3rd place at the national piano competition in North Macedonia. She taught piano at the University of Tetovo, and is currently a piano professor at the National School of Music and Ballet Ilija Nikolovski – Luj. Her students are the recipients of numerous prestigious awards at national and international competitions. Jasmina Trajčeska has a rich concert career. She has performed concerts and recitals at summer academies in Piran, at the Musica di laguna meeting in Chioggia, in Varna, Bulgaria, and at the opening celebration of Yamaha Piano in Grosuplje. She was a special guest at the Eurochestries International Classical Music Festival in the Charante maritimes region of France, and has performed at a music festival in Makarska, Croatia. Since 2016, Jasmina Trajčeska has been playing in a duet with pianist L. Atanasova. Together they have created numerous projects, among which Rhapsody for Skopje especially stands out. The Ministry of Culture of Northern Macedonia regularly supports concerts with which Jasmina Trajčeska enriches cultural life at home and abroad.

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