26. November
at 17.00
Paviljon na Kongresnem trgu (Congress Square Pavillon) - Ljubljana


Alja Petricvocals
Damjan Stanišić, guitar

The Duo Ponte is a contact of musicians who, through their own interpretations, try to overcome the distances between the cultures of the European south from east to west and beyond, all the way to the New World. In the sound ambiences of the Duo, worlds that would otherwise disperse coexist harmoniously; musical traditions merge into a new story from the past in their confession. Music is the strongest bridge between the transient and the eternal, between earth and sky; The Duo Ponte is the builder of this bridge, the constructor of a rainbow of traditions that connects the past and the future. It is a wide road to the incomprehensible for all who know how to indulge in music.

In the last year, the Duo Ponte has been associated with some Slovenian poets and writers. They participated in the creation of the CD Veter in Odmev (2016), which was published as part of the novel of the same name by the writer Štefan Kardoš. Due to their fondness for poetry, it was no coincidence that the musicians kept pace with the poets Magdalena Svetina Terčon, Simona Solina and Albert Halász, who in 2016 published the poetry collection Vrvohodci. The variegated and colorful musical arrangements of the Duo Ponte ensemble complemented the poetry and left a unique mark on it. The song “Pomol” was selected and presented in September 2017 as part of the public call “We have new music” (MK, RTV Slovenia).

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