11. March
at 17.00
Eipprova street


We would like to inform you that the traditional children’s event Pozdrav pomladi – Gregorčki 2016, which is supposed to take place on Friday, 11 March between 5 pm and 8 pm at Gradaščica on Eipprova ulica in Ljubljana, has unfortunately been canceled.

Currently, the Gradaščica canal is flooded and inaccessible, and the Department of Hydrological Forecasts of the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia – ARSO informed us that they do not anticipate a drop in the water level of Gradaščica until Friday afternoon. Because we cannot work against nature, but only with it, and the safety of children and other visitors is most important to us, we are canceling the event.

At the same time, we would like to warn everyone who, despite the cancellation of the event, would like to drop their gregorčke along the Gradaščica riverbed, that due to the high water level in the canal and the torrential water, doing so is dangerous.

Nature goes her own way and sometimes, unfortunately, she crosses our beautiful plans. However, we believe in the saying Bad start is a good end, spring is just around the corner and judging by the start it will be especially beautiful this year!

We truly thank you for your understanding and at the same time we are already looking forward to our meeting at Gradaščica next year!

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