29. August
at 21.00
Nights in Old Ljubljana Town
Gornji trg (Upper Square) - Ljubljana

DAGADANA (Poland, Ukraine, Hungary)

Daga Gregorowiczvocals, electronics
Dana Vynnytskavocals, keyboards
Wawrzyniec Topadouble bass, vocals
Péter Somosdrums

A seductive sound mix of folklore legacy (from Polish-Ukrainian basin) and electronic ethno groove.

Since 2008 DagaDana has triumphantly merged elements of Polish and Ukrainian culture through jazz, electronic, and world music. It all started with a jazz workshop in Cracow, where a mutual love for music has become a spark that ignited a great friendship and lead to the formation of the band.

Poland and Ukraine are neighbouring countries, both of Slavic origins, with similar languages and customs. When exploring these roots in search for musical inspirations, you will find a multitude of surprising similarities and differences that emphasize their uniqueness. This is exactly what you will find in the songs of DagaDana, a band that attempts to blur the boundaries and build bridges that will connect both nations (since, as it is known, the dynamics between them would vary a lot).

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Free admission.

*In case of rain at 23.00 at Stari trg.


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