26. August
at 20.00
under the Trnovo Bridge


Lado Jakša, keyboards, saxophone
Matjaž Weingerl, zither, flute, guitar, vocals
Aleksandra Cigale, flute, vocals
Andrej Trobentar, guitar, vocals
Vlado Špindler, accordion
Andrej Strmecki, džambe

Dolina odmeva (The Echoing Valley) is an encounter of sound, word, and inspiration. It is a musical symbiosis of the sounds of the natural and urban environment, acoustic and electronic instruments, pre-prepared scores and the inspirations of the current composition. Improvisation is a set of musical experiences, mutual listening and respect, teamwork; listening to and tuning oneself and one’s instruments. By simplifying musical patterns, everyone can write, play or sing their “raga blues”. Thus, we can travel to different cultures and musical genres. The birth of contingency gives birth to longing.

Admission free.

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