27. August
at 20.00
Lanthierijev dvorec - Vipava


Jani Kovačič & Big Band RTV Slovenija │ Silicone times – Jazzitettes 2
conductor: Matjaž Mikuletič

Postindustrial-catastrophicals gasping for forgotten and lost, squealing for justice long gone, which we can’t even remember in this modern  age of information.  The only solutions we can offer  to everyday dilemmas are – silicon compounds for success in business, for a beautiful self-image, for higher performance by our our organs, for communication and our dealings with others. Everything is pre-determined and preserved; only those damn natural adventures and disasters disrupt and destroy from all directions our paradise of science and religion. What is left is only tribes of fans  and hypermarkets of lost identities. The Earth became smaller and smaller, while the universe is expanding. In a few moments we shall be alone and – dead. Jazzitettes 2 and the NUJ – New Urban Jazz – for the second time!

Silicone times are here, lifehacker!


There is more silicon (Si, 14) on the earth than the mass of humanity, because it is the second most abundant element. Square crystal is extremely resistant to temperature change. It is found in granite, basalt, mica, silica, quartz, clay, topazu, emerald … porcelain, glass … in computers and in humans. Incompounds of oxygen, sometimes combining with carbon to which they bind diverse molecules, forming very useful synthetic polymers, commonly known as silicones. These are resistant, chemically stable and non-reactive. In English, silicon the element is written silicon while silicon-polymers are silicon(e)s, causing considerable confusion. In short, from the SIAL to the Silicon Valley, from chip to implant – silicon is in all.  The silicone polymers derived from it are ubiquitous and all-penetrating.

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