26. June
at 20.30
Mestni muzej - Ljubljana


Gábor Selmeczi, violin
Peter Kostyál, violin
Zoltán Fekete, viola
Attila Martosdouble bass

Free admission!


LAŽ ARNIČ (1901–1970): String Quartet, op. 16
ZOLTÁN KODÁLY (1882–1967): Háry János Suite
LEÓ WEINER (1885 – 1960): Divertimento št. 1, op. 20
BÉLA BARTÓK (1881–1945): Romanian folk dance, Sz. 68, BB 76
BOHUSLAV LEOPOLD (1888–1956): Hungária

The Lanner Quartet was formed in Summer 2012.  By doing this, we aimed several important points:  first of all, we want to get into a closer touch with the audience, so that musicians and listeners don’t feel separated into two distinctive sides;     therefore, several times a year, we give a special party, where people can enjoy not “only” high quality music but they are always given some nice treat from the culinary tastes as well.   So, these venues are called rather “Treat and Music” than concerts…

Of course, this is not a thing that hasn’t ever been before – what people have invented long ago, we want to revive now:  this is the tradition of “home-music”, which is very different to the nowadays’ concert-routine, where many cases, the audience gets something like a “service” they have paid for;   On our venues, the emphasis is always on the interactive and relaxed contact with the listeners.   (by the way:  there is no entrance fee on these venues, this is a part of our “brand”!)    Thus we offer a chance for many who have parted from the living stream of cultural life, to find their way back…   we want to show them that classical music can be as playful and amusing – or sometimes easy – as they have perhaps never known it.

To do our best for the audience, we build up our repertoire carefully, selecting pieces only from the range of high quality music;   as we have learned, there are a great number of pieces which have originally been written specially for this ensemble – (2 Violins, Viola, Double Bass) – mainly by the Viennese composers of the 19th century;   so that string quartet-with double bass is a living tradition dating back to the early 1800’s.

We tried our hands at making our own transcriptions  as well; we performed a number of brilliant pieces by Schubert, Verdi and Wagner, written originally for piano or for other groups and than adopted to our string quartet – and we were always given a pleased feedback.



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