09. May
at 19.00
Galerija Janez Boljka (Janez Boljka Art Gallery) - Gornji trg 16, Ljubljana

MAŠA KORES – Forgotten


About the author and her work
The young photographer Maša Kores (1985) has already had several solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, and she can also boast of publishing photographs in the Slovenian edition of the National Geographic magazine. The goal of her artistic path is to discover the veils of forgotten and abandoned buildings and thus revive their stories. At first, she only looked for locations in Slovenia, but her interest soon crossed that line. She set out in search of dilapidated buildings abroad. Her first trip to Berlin led her to an abandoned hospital complex, where Hitler also recovered in 1916. Maša is perfecting her skills in various techniques of photography and image processing. With each new “expedition” she wants to offer the viewer something more, to arouse in him a new feeling or view of the world.

Curator Miloš Bašin wrote about her exhibition:

“The art of Maša Kores lives in the search for once crowded hospital spaces or other spaces that give the appearance of historicity, abandonment and wear and tear. Staying in them is exposed to feelings of loneliness, secludedness and solitude. These spaces are, so to speak, an ideal place where one – inevitably – everyone can fulfill the desire to be alone for sure. Maybe forever. ”(From the text Lonely spaces of searches, catalog Maša Kores, Mašin svet, Bežigrajska galerija 1, 9 January – 8 February 2013, page 3.)

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