28. August
at 8.30


The Cultural and Ethnomusicological Society Folk Slovenia, the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, Imago Sloveniae, the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) and the Ethnomusicological Institute ZRC SAZU jointly organize the International Multidisciplinary Symposium and Concert “Music and Otherness”.

The symposium and concert will be part of the festival “Nights in Ljubljana Old Town” (Noči v stari Ljubljani), a yearly event which every summer features both local and international performers. This August the theme of the festival will be “A Different Slovenia”. A myriad of diverse performances (concerts, roundtables, literary evenings, film projections, workshops for children, discussions), focussing on alternative musical practices, will take place in ten outdoor venues located in the picturesque old quarter of Ljubljana. The festival will be broadcast live by Radio Slovenia.

Ljubljana hosted in 2000 the first symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Music and Minorities, which influenced ethnomusicological research in Slovenia and abroad in many positive ways. The first symposium of the ICTM Study Group Applied Ethnomusicology in 2008 made us additionally sensitive to difference and otherness. When the ICTM Secretariat moved to Ljubljana eleven years later, the concept of “a different Slovenia” was elaborated, pointing to a territory in which a large number of different music and dance expressions and their carriers meet and negotiate their cultural, ethnic, social, religious, economic, and other identities through their artistic expressions.

A terminological peculiarity should be pointed out here. The exact English translation of the Slovene term drugačnost would be “difference” and not “otherness”—the latter term would be more exactly referred to as drugost. The intention of this shift is to encourage the discussion on terminological issues.

The symposium and concert “Music and Otherness” will bring together the results of the most recent research from various scholarly disciplines and exemplify the current state of some selected musical practices. Special attention will be given to musical activities of people with special needs, immigrants, elderly people, and carriers of unusual vocal and instrumental expressions. The keynote speaker will be Prof. Dr. Ursula Hemetek.

Svanibor Pettan


Thursday, 28. 8. 2014


8.30 Registration
9.00 IntroductionPlenary session
Svanibor Pettan: Music, Difference, Otherness
Ursula Hemetek: Music of Minorities: “The Others from Within”?
10.30  Break
11.00 1. Theoretical considerations(chair: Manfred Bartmann)
Rajko Muršič: On Music and Alterity in former Yugoslavia
Maja Bjelica: Otherness in Music
12.00 2. Music and people with special needs (chair: Rajko Muršič)
Subhangi M. K. Herath:Aesthetic catharsis: Paradoxes of the role of aesthetics in identity negotiation among the university students with disabilities in Sri Lanka
Alenka Vidrih: Roles of Music in the Process of Integration of People with Special Needs: the Stage as a Space for Exploration and Understanding of Diversity through Music
13.00 Lunch
15.00 3. Music and people with special needs (chair: Ursula Hemetek)
Manč Kovačič: Music in the World of Deficiencies
Vojko Veršnik: All different – all equal: What’s music got to do with it?
16.00 Break
16.30 4. Music and people with special needs (chair: Teja Klobčar)
Robert Gross, Kenneth Downey: The Making of Discord (Concerto for Meniere’s Disease and Electroacoustic Orchestra)
Marija Klobčar: The Role of Music in the Lives of Blind People as a Tradition of Otherness
Špela Loti Knoll: Music Therapy – a place to be different
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