21. April
at 17.00
SNG Opera in balet Maribor - Maribor

MUSIC HOUSE – an educational and entertaining opera for children

Aleksandra Naumovski Potisk : Music house Sometimes through dreams dreamed in tears, we discover the path to a better tomorrow. The night, which will change the life of the girl Martina forever, takes her to the Music House, where her inhabitants introduce themselves to her and tell her much more than just their stories. In addition to the obvious pedagogical concept (musical literacy, learning the basics of music), the music house also carries other more or less obvious messages related to education (mutual respect, tolerance, cooperation …), art (opera singing, the importance of art in life), as well as the general attitude towards life in terms of positive problem solving and creating new and good. An educational and entertaining opera for children performed by top performers.

Music: Aleksandra Naumovski Potisk
Libretto: Saša Potisk
Director and scenography: Matej Filipčič
Illustration: Domen Koželj
Photography: Janez Kotar


Martina Burger (Girl Martina, Aunt Cvetka, Teacher Eva, Beauty Andreja, Mama Ha)
Matej Vovk (Drago Drvar, Franci with a pipe, Gorazd Gozdar, Father Ha)
Aleksandra Naumovski Potisk (Architect Aleksandra and piano)
Filip Samobor (First-order dream editor Filip)

Co-production: Cultural Art Society Cona 8, Slovenian Philharmonic, SNG Opera and Ballet Maribor and Imago Sloveniae

Entrance fee: 5 €

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