30. August
at 20.00
Staro mestno jedro (Old Town) - Ljubljana



20.00   Hamsa Hamsa (Spain, Israel)
Anna Casado, vocals
Lluc Riba, saxophone
Ofer Ronen, oud, guitar
Jon Unanua, bass guitar
Albert Enkaminanko, drums, percussion

This Spanish-Israeli band builds bridges between Mediterranean cultures, linking the sounds of flamenco guitars and Arab lutes with Jewish or Sephardic musical traditions.

22.00   SuRealistas (Argentina, Italy)
Jeremías Cornejo, vocals, guitar, ukulele
Agustín Cornejo, vocals, guitar
Tommaso Iacoviello,  trumpet
Joaquín Cornejo, vocals, piano, percussions
Gianni Valenti, tenor saxophone, percussions
Matteo Bonti, bas kitara, bass guitar, vocals
Pietro Borsò, drums
Simone Padovani, percussions

In their songs (and Latin rhythms), the musicians stroll through nostalgia of tango and flamenco, jazz moods, the “realism” of the Italian South (where their ancestors originated), and the passionate dance rhythms of the Latin American world.


20.30   Sankofa (Gabon, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Guinea, Kenya, Comoros, Slovenia)
the Sankofa choir
Igor Leonardi, guitar
Damir Mazrek, percussion

A unique intercontinental musical compound – a choral harmony between the local Slovene “singing nation” and the “Slovene Africans”. The concert of Africa’s most beautiful traditional songs is accompanied by trans-genre instrumental masters Igor Leonardi and Damir Mazrek.

22.00   Nesesari Kakalulu (Slovenia)
Matej M. Podobnik, trumpet
Jure Sulič, trombone
Rok Černic, electric guitar
Vasja Kavčič, acoustic guitar
Timi Vremec, bass guitar
Žiga Ipavec, percussion
Urban Kušar, drums
Aljaž Maček, djembe

A sound ritual of eight enthusiasts, inspired by sub-Saharan percussion polyrhythmia, afrobeat, funk, jazz-spiritual repertoire, and most of all by the “magic” of musical instrument interaction.


20.30   Ex YU kvartet
Adam Klemm, saxophone
Milan Stanisavljević, piano
Goran Rukavina, double bass
Ratko Divjak, drums

A classic combination with a retro touch – jazz standards with the energy of experienced musicians living in Slovenia from different parts of the former Yugoslavia.


21.00   Duo Nadežda Tokareva in Lovorka Nemeš Dular (Russia, Slovenia)
Nadežda Tokareva, violin
Lovorka Nemeš Dular, piano

Good old hits from the jazz-blues repertoire with a trace of tango nuevo and the masterful touch of the duo of classical musicians.


Program Ars na Nočeh v stari Ljubljani

17.00   Studio at 5 p.m. – Ars forum: On the proposal for a new media law
Host: Marko Golja

18.15   THE POWER OF MEMORY poetry of France Prešeren and Ivan Cankar in Slovene and German (new translations by Boštjan Dvoržak, PhD) and presentation of the bilingual audiobook project.
Performers: Aleš Valič and Urs Remond, accompanied by pianist Gregor Jagodič
Director: Alen Jelen

19.15  IDEN – electro-acoustic opera
Music: Bojana Šaljić Podešva
Screenwriters: Tina Kozin, Saška Rakef
Director: Saška Rakef
Music interpreters: Katja Konvalinka, Barbara Krajnc Avdić, Nika Rozman, Nataša Živkovič
Narrators: Lucija Grm, Matej Rus, Bernard Stramič
Choir: Tesa Drev, Tadeja Krečič, Andrej Rot, Ana Johana Scholten, Maja Žvokelj

With the ambient acoustic research of the Curonian Spit, a geographical phenomenon in Lithuania, the opera reflects on conflicts of interest, enrolled in the curation of national parks, and wonders what lies behind the human quest for conservation of biodiversity.

21.00   Pernahtna nit: Ljoba Jenče – 30 years (Slovenia)
Ljoba Jenče, voice, gong, singing stones
Zoran Škrinjar, piano
Lenart Krečič, saxophone

Our legendary folk-art mediator is marking her 30th anniversary by performing a recital O lepa moja Vida with her own interpretation of traditional folk songs.


20.00  DANCEFLOOR – Arkade Open Air Party

Get to know SALSA, bachata, kizomba, and dance with the best dancers in Ljubljana. The Dancefloor dance studio team and renowned DJs will be with you.

Free salsa course on Friday, August 30 at 8pm.


Nights in Old Ljubljana Town (29th – 31st August)  will be also this year a part of the two-year international project Voices of Minorities, supported by the EU programme Creative Europe.

»Voices of Minorities« is a joint project of four festivals from four countries: Nights in Old Ljubljana Town – Imago Sloveniae (Slovenija), Budapest Folk Fest – Hagyományok Háza (Budapest, Hungary), Musicastrada (Toscany, Italy) and Trefpunt (Ghent, Belgium). With the Voices of Minorities project, we would like to point out the often underestimated, even overlooked, but none the less essential influence that ethnic minorities are constantly exercising upon society and (especially musical) culture in Europe. The project specifically refers to the current refugee crisis, the general public’s attitude towards it and the process of integration of refugees into a new living environment. On the basis of intercultural dialogue, through education and awareness-raising as well as by connecting representatives of different ethnic minorities and the general public, we want to stimulate reflection on this issues and on possible positive effects on the integration of ethnic minorities into society, thereby contributing to the openness of society for the differences in the long run.

The main idea of the project is the exchange of musicians and groups whose music reflects the effects of ethnic minorities among the four participating partners. Each of the partners offers several bands representing the music of ethnic minorities in their countries in exchange. The result is a collection of names of musically diverse performers representing minorities from many different areas of Europe and other continents, giving festival program leaders the freedom to design musical content. All programs will reflect the music of minorities, and at the same time, due to the different choices of individual festivals, they will also be very diverse.
An important aspect is the revival of cultural heritage, as the programs of all participating festivals will be held in historic old town centers.

The Old Ljubljana Town will thus be revived in the last week of August as the cultural venue of the biggest street festival in the capital. More than 30 concerts of ethno / jazz music and other cultural events will take place in more than 10 locations in the embrace of the magical historic ambience. The International ethnomusicological symposium “Sound, a poem, a political activity” will be held within the framework of the festival, which is being prepared in cooperation with the leading international association of ethnomusicologists and ethno choreologists ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music).

So, mark it as soon as possible on the calendar to spend the last weekend of August with thousands of other music lovers. As in all past years, all the events of the Nights in Old Ljubljana Town will be free for visitors.

Have a look also to project-partner’s festivals:

  • Budapest Folk Fest (Hagyományok Háza) | 22nd–25th May 2019 | Budapest, Hungary

  • Musicastrada | 5th July 9thAugust 2019 | Toscany, Italy

  • Trefpunt | 19th–28th July 2019 | Ghent, Belgium

Project partners:



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