30. April
at 18.00
Štekl Gallery, Gornji Grad


Manca Fekonja, vocals
Peter Mandelj Mejačguitar
Jakob Istenič, double bass
Aleksander Črtalič, drums

In Gornji Grad, this year’s UNESCOs International Jazz Day will be celebrated by Petnajst Čez (transl. Quarter Past). The quartet came together to perform known jazz compositions from all periods and put their own twists on jazz standards. Their concerts take the audience on a tour of a dynamic landscape, through the hills of swing, across the calm waters of balads, to the individual peaks of funk. The incredible voice and finely tuned interpretation of singer Manca Fekonja invites the listeners into the core of music, deeply enveloping us into its stories. It is therefore no surprise that she, accompanied by Petnajst Čez, won the Slovenian seminal youth music competition TEMSIG. Be sure not to miss this one.


On the initiative of the legendary jazz composer Herbie Hancock April 30th was recognized as International Jazz Day at the General Assembly of UNESCO. It was added to the United Nations’ calendar in 2012. Today it is celebrated in more than 190 countries. UNESCO recognizes jazz music as a means of freedom of expression and dialogue between cultures; as a is synonym of respect for human rights and the dignity of women in men, regardless of their origin.

Read more about International Jazz Day here.

Admission free.

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Gornji Grad Municipality

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