26. August
at 21.45
Novi trg - Ljubljana

PRISMOJENI PROFESORJI BLUESA (Slovenia) – Festival Nights in Ljubljana Old Town

Julijan Erič, electric guitar, vocals
Aleš Uhan, keyboards, keytar
Miha Ribarić, bass guitar, vocals
Zlatko Djogić, drums, vocals

The Slovenian group Prismojeni profesorji bluesa plays energetic blues, funk, r&b, and similar styles reminiscent of the music from the 1960s and 70s. A little food, a lot of drink, and an awful lot of broken hearts and drumsticks, bloodied strings and breakups, come hell or high water. Rolling arund in the mud, playing sidewalks and streets begging and pleading to be allowed to play the third concert in Ljubljana that week. In those days the only fee they asked for was electricity and something spicy to eat. The four horsemen of the musical apocalypse energetically riding, shoulder to shoulder, into the sunset their untameable donkeys.

Admission free.

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