07. August
at 20.00
Ribnica castle - Ribnica


Shirlie Roden, vocal
Conductor: Marjan Grdadolnik

Inspired by and dedicated to the people and country of Slovenia
August 2015 will mark the world premiere of Slovenska Suita/Simply Slovenia Suite. Dedicated to and inspired by the beauty and spirit of Slovenia, this musical synthesis of the music and lyrics of English singer Shirlie Roden with the evocative orchestral arrangements of British musician Derek Barnes is performed tonight by Shirlie Roden together with the wonderfully talented young musicians of the Cantabile symphony orchestra under the musical direction of conductor Marjan Grdadolnik. Three pieces by Slovene composer Avsenik and one by G. Gjurin will also be featured tonight to help create this magical journey around Slovenia with song, melody, humour and even some tears.

Shirlie is a Trustee of the British-Slovene Society. She has recorded eight albums of her own music and first visited Slovenia in 1992 where she is well-known for her concerts, the uplifting power of her singing voice and her innovative sound workshops. She has sung at hundreds of different venues, from the beautiful Slovene churches, to concert halls, castles, schools, homes for old people and the mentally and physically disabled, and even in caves, beside lakes and in the middle of forests! RTV Slovenia filmed a documentary on her: Pojoce srce – ambasadorka luci, and her autobiography Pojoce Srce was published by Mladinska Knjiga.

Her visits over the years have inspired many songs about this country she calls her second home and tonight’s concert focuses on some of the Slovene places, people and even animals who have touched Shirlie’s heart. From the mystical beauty of the Vanishing Lake Cerknica, and a dream of a past life in Old Stanjel, the legend of the Wishing Bell on Lake Bled and trying to learn Slovene while climbing Velika Planina, to a comic tale of a dihur dancing on the roof all night and a longing for motovilec solata, alongside the moving story of 96 year old Liza Cernuta who died in the mudslide at Log pod Mangrtom, you are invited to climb on the wings of a green Ljubljana dragon and fly in your imagination through the villages, lakes and mountains of Slovenia. Slovensksa Suita is Shirlie’s musical thank you for all she has received over the years from the heart of a beautiful people and a deeply inspiring landscape: ‘Slovenia, Slovenia vedno bo moj dom. Slovenia, Slovenia, when I am near you, I am never alone’.

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