17. June
at 21.00
Stari trg (Old square) - Ljubljana


Concert of improvised music, with series of different ancient wind, brass and percussion instruments.

Special guest: Justus Willberg, hydraulis (water organ), aulos, cithara

Cristina Majneroaulos, tibiae, bucina, crotala
Roberto Stancoaulos, tibiae, lyra, bucina, tympanum
Gaetano Delfinicornu, bucina, cymbala, tympanum
Daniele Ercolituba, bucina, oblicuum calamum, crotala, tympanum
Mirco Mungari, tympanum, vocal

With this concert we are accompanying the exhibition ARCHÆOMUSICA, which explores the music from the Paleolithic period to the Iron Age. The exhibition is part of the SUMMER MUSEUMS NIGHT.

Free admission!

LVDI SCÆNICI is a group dedicated to research and to perform the music and the instruments of the antiquity. It was founded by the musicians Cristina Majnero and Roberto Stanco, who are studying this matter since the early nineties. The group has performed in many important archeological sites and museums in Europe and has collaborated with several Universities. Ludi Scænici participates in the EMAP as a team of musicians specialised with instruments from ancient Rome, in particular with tibia/aulos, cornu and tuba.

JUSTUS WILLBERG studied early music in Amsterdam. Besides his concerts as a recorder soloist, he also researches and performs the music of the ancient Greeks and Romans. After many concerts throughout Europe, he‘s now renown as a player specialised on the aulos, on the cithara and on the Roman hydraulic organ. His activities include lectures and publications on musicological topics, and the reconstruction of old musical instruments. Justus Willberg teaches at the Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg, at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen/Nürnberg, at the Erlanger Musikinstitut and he‘s Head of the Musikschule Weißenburg.


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