Cerkev sv. Štefana (Church of St. Stephen) – Ribnica

The great twin towers of St. Stephen’s dominate the attractive old town of Ribnica, situated in a lovely river valley and surrounded by heavily wooded hills. The ancient walls of the 10th century castle enclose a tranquil park commemorating centuries of important cultural figures born in the Ribnica valley. Among these are the composer Jacobus Gallus, linguists Dr. Ivan Prijatelj and Stanislav Škrabec, and the first cartographer of Slovenia, Peter Kozler. The castle itself houses a charming archaeological museum and a magnificent collection of local arts and crafts including the famous wooden ware and pottery. The 19th century church of St. Stephen is one of the largest in Slovenia, its present twin towers a later addition by Jože Plečnik.


Photo by: Kraju.eu

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