Ribnica castle – Ribnica

Ribnica Castle in the centre of the town of Ribnica some 50km to the south of Ljubljana had a strategic position on the market trail towards the town of Kočevje and port of Rijeka (formerly Fiume) on the Adriatic sea. The castle was first mentioned in 1264 as Reuienz and in its nearly 8 century history it has housed many eminent Slovenes. The famous Renaissance composer Jacobus Gallus Carniolus was born there in 1550. From the neighbouring villages of Ribnica come the linguist Stanislav Škrabec, the cartographer Peter Kozler and the politician Janez Evangelist Krek in their honour a park was opened on the castle grounds in 1982. Mikl House Museum was established 1958. It focuses on an ethnographic collection presenting the people of Ribnica and their famous wooden arts and crafts called Suha roba (“dry goods”). In the 1980s artist colonies began to be organised and artists participated in forming Forma Viva in the castle’s park.

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