28. August
at 20.00
Stari-Gornji trg, Ljubljana

DUO 4675 (Austria)

Astrid Wiesinger, winds, shruti box, vocals
Beate Wiesinger, double bass, vocals

»Unconventional, unclassical and unclassifiable« are probably the three most suitable adjectives that can be used to describe the sound of Duo 4675. Musically, the siblings Astrid and Beate Wiesinger do exactly what they want. The duo leaves well-trodden musical paths and invents a new sound of jazz, only with saxophone and double bass, which seems to resolve itself effortlessly. Stylistically, the musicians from Upper Austria draw from unlimited resources – from jazz to blues to pop in a wonderfully weird way. The pieces of the duo are grooving powerfully – sometimes in a wonderful melodic way, sometimes within a free space. This constant back and forth defines not only the creative language of the duo but also covers a wide musical range.

Since 2010 Astrid and Beate Wiesinger try to combine forces and create a duo together. Related by blood, raised in the same family – »Jazzkittens« – a very special relationship which has, as it turned out, its non-describable heights but also its non-describable lows. The musical collaboration between the sisters has been rather slow since the very beginning. In fact, this cooperation has developed its own nature and often suffers from blind understanding and complete lack of understanding. The band has been quitted as often as it has been started, but nevertheless there has been some progress during the past seven years. Lots of ideas have been created and then thrown away. »I’d rather play with a harmony-instrument! «, »I’ll definitely send a substitute to the next rehearsal! «, »Your rhythmical understanding sucks! « … are just some examples from their not yet to be published book »The Wiesingers – How to Offend Your Duo Partner«. Non playable »quadruple stops« on the double bass or repetitive piano-like lines without any pauses to breath are still part of their music – or as explained in their own words: »Of course I can do that – it is just my sister«. And what about the numbers 46 75? Neither are they describing their chest measurement nor their weight, it is the zip code of their home village called Weibern. This duo is like a persistent fungus: You try to fight it many times, but still, it is very hard to get rid of.

 Admission free. *In case of rain, the concert will take place at the Škuc Gallery.

Due to the amendments to the decree on the temporary restriction of the cultural services, event may be attended only by persons with a certificate of: recovery of covid-19 (P), vaccination (C) or a negative test result, which must not be older than 48 hours (T). Entry to the event is only possible with a PCT certificate. Certificate is not required for children under the age of 15 who attend the event with close family members or guardians.

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