17. August
at 20.00
Metliški grad (Metlika Castle) - Metlika


Tjaša Šimonka, vokals

Miha Kavaš, violin

Aleksander Varga, bass guitar

Primož Kramberger, piano

Tomi Došen, percussion

Ethnotrip group started its musical journey in 2009. The band members are Tjaša Šimonka (vocals), Miha Kavaš (violin), Primož Kramberger (keyboards), Aleksander Varga (bass guitar) and Tomi Došen (drums, percussion). Members of the group are also active in other bands in different musical genres, which is reflected in their music in an interesting way.

Ethnotrip are enthusiastic about folk tradition and the rich treasury of music from Slovenia, Balkans, Hungary, England and Russia, from where they draw on songs for their repertoire. Even from the fact, that this is not typical folk band, we know that the arrangements of these songs are different. The band explores traditions “with curiosity and invention, without losing sight of the passion and emotions” (review of radio student). They look up for almost forgotten tunes, rearrange them in a more modern way and present them to the audience. In recent years the group had a number of gigs both at home as well as abroad – in Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

In 2013, the group released their debut album Ethnotrip, the same year they presented their first video – Jovano Jovanke. In january 2016 they are releasing the second album called ‘Kdo bo pil iz bistrega studenca?’. Members of the band believe, there will be something for every listener on this album.

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