21. July
at 20.30
Stari trg - Ljubljana

Jazz Stage: GAL FURLAN QUARTET (Slovenia)

Gal Furlan, drums
Jure Boršič, saxophone
Anton Lorenzutti, electric guitar
Timi Vremec, bass guitar

Gal Furlan Quartet is a jazz combo from the area around Ajdovščina and Goricaassembled at the initiative of Gal Furlan, the author of the band’s debut album Almost Blues, which was released in 2022. The music can be described as fusion jazz, but the songs weave together elements of Afro, funk, free jazz, and rock.

Gal Furlan honed his drumming skills under legendary Slovenian drummer Zlatko Kaučič. He predominantly composes jazz and contemporary improvised music. He is known to collaborate on projects with established international musicians and is featured on more than 30 albums, many of them solo projects. He initiated the founding of Klub Štala in Lokavec near Ajdovščina, which features concerts and other cultural events. This is also where Gal conducts percussion workshops and teaches drums.

Slovenian saxophone player Jure Boršič traded his place as a student at the Conservatory of Music in Trieste for a more individualist approach to learning. He joined Zlatko Kaučič’s Kombo School while honing his saxophone skills on his own as well as at individual lessons and workshops of the best Slovenian and North Italian Saxophone players. He is the driving force behind the groups and projects Koromač, TiTiTi, Bootleg Unit, Oholo!, Shoe & Shoelace, Niemoy, and a member of Orkester Brez Meja/Orkester Senza Confini (Orchestra Without Borders).

Guitarist Anton Lorenzutti has been perfecting his skills as a guitar layer with Zlatko Kaučič and playing in his Kombo band. He also plays in several other bands including Kavasutra, Koromač, Eating Sports, olKalSkiTar, Gal Furlan Quartet, and Duo Vadis.

Bassist Timi Vremec attends the Zlatko Kaučič school while studying bass guitar under the attentive ears of Jošt Drašler. As a member of Zlatko Kaučič’s Kombo, he has been featured on three albums. His keen interest in music transcends limitations covering genres from improvised music, funk, Afrobeat, to avant-rock and beyond. With a long history of collaborations, including playing with Nesesari Kakalulu, Kavasutra, Gal Furlan Quartet, Bregove dere, he currently co-creates and performs in the Kreativna Cona Vrtojba ensemble.

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