12. August
at 20.30
Gornji trg (Upper Square) - Ljubljana


Igor Willcox, drums
Glecio Nascimento, bass
Wagber Barbosa, saxophone
Erik Escobar, keyboards

This exciting quartet from Brazil, featuring one of the hippest Brazilian drummers Igor Willcox, fuses elements of jazz and funk. Playing original compositions and exploring musicality, spontaneity, and synergy, the group has become quite notorious in the instrumental music scene, performing at the most important jazz clubs around the world: Blue Note, Yardbird Suite (Canada), Bourbon Street, The Jazz Room (Waterloo), Frankie’s Jazz (Vancouver), Bucking Jam Palace (Calgary), The Rex (Toronto), and at jazz festivals such as North City Jazz Festival (Serbia), Panama Jazz Festival, Santos Jazz Festival, São Paulo Jazz Festival, Play Jazz Festival, MB Jazz (Souza Lima Berklee) and others. Highly recommended!

Admission free.



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