28. April
at 20.00
Mestni muzej (City Museum) - Ljubljana


Imago Sloveniae joins the International Jazz Day in Slovenia for the third year in a row. In collaboration with UNESCO Youth Platform of United Nations Association of Slovenia, under the sponsorship of Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO, we are preparing several concerts and other events which will take place in LjubljanaIdrijaTolmin and Velika Polana between 26th of April and 3rd of May.

28. april at 20:00, Stari trg – Ljubljana

Due to bad weather forecast, the concert has been moved to City Museum!

Cene Resnik, tenor saxophone
Leonard Medica, guitar
Matjaž Bajc, double bass
Urban Kušar, drums

The Acamar Quartet is a predominantly young band that flirries with the classical jazz of the last century or the traditions of the giants such as Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Pharoah Sanders and others. The specialty of musicians is a creative approach to music, so their music is fresh and playful, briefly appealing to the audience of all generations. It inspires the idea of ​​jazz music as a soundtrack, which responds to modern times with unmistakable common sound. We will also be able to listen to the author’s work of all four members.

Cene Resnik (tenor saxophone) is one of the most prominent representatives of the middle generation of Slovenian creative jazzists. He has numerous projects behind. The recordings were released in both domestic and international music publishing houses. He works with a wide variety of musicians from around the world. Leonard Medica is currently studying jazz guitar at the Tartini Conservatory in Trieste. His mentors are Riccardo Chiarion, Giovanni Maier, Klaus Gesing and Matteo Alfonso. He works primarily in the field of contemporary jazz and improvised music. In 2018, he also took part in the Doeka workshop in Amsterdam. He performs with various creative musicians from all over Europe. Matjaž Bajc is a double bass player of the younger generation. He upgrades and researches his knowledge on the tracks of jazz, noise and freely improvised music. He started his schooling with Zlatko Kaučič, but his first teacher of double bass was Jošt Drašler. He later studied with Giovanni Maier. He works in numerous ensembles of various musical genres (old swing, ethno, jazz, improvisational music). The percussionist Urban Kušar also comes from the school of Zlatko Kaučič. Throughout the years, he has accumulated experience in the field of improvisation, jazz, rock and African rhythms. He works with many larger and smaller ensembles and with various musicians both at home and abroad.

April 30th was on the initiative of the legendary jazz composer Herbie Hancock recognized as International Jazz Day at the General Assembly of UNESCO. It was as well added to the United Nations’ calendar in 2012. Today it is celebrated in more than 190 countries.

UNESCO recognizes jazz music as a means of freedom of expression and dialogue between cultures; as a is synonym of respect for human rights and the dignity of women in men, regardless of their origin.

Read more about International Jazz Day here.

Free admission.



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