29. August
at 22.00
Nights in Old Ljubljana Town
Stari trg (Old square) - Ljubljana

INVISIBLE WORLD (Czech Republic, Turkey, Serbia)

Efe Turumtay, violin
Nikola Zarićaccordion
Tomáš Liškadouble bass
Kamil Slezákdrums, percussion

The music of Invisible World is described by critics as a subtle combination of Old and New World and southern and oriental influences. The artistic approach of the musicians is not based on exhibitions, but on the search of a shared sound epicenter – an emotional palette, bursting with pronounced melos, punctuated by subtle improvisations.

Invisible World have performed at renowned festivals and venues across Europe, Africa, Scotland, England and Japan. In 2017 at the Ostrava Music Crossroads international music conference, they received an Audience Award and an invitation to the Budapest Ritmo Festival. In 2018, the ensemble was nominated for an Anděl award (considered a Czech Grammy) and selected for a showcase at the WOMEX in Gran Canaria.

Violinist Efe Turumtay was born in Turkey (Istanbul); Nikola Zarić, a young virtuoso accordion player, comes from Serbia and was trained in Vienna; and drummer Kamil Slezák comes from Moravia where he also obtained his music education (he further expanded the knowledge from the Ostrava Janácek Academy at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts). Tomáš Liška – the double bassist and composer whose compositions we will be hearing – met all three musicians during his musical travels and his tireless search for creative dialogue between cultures. While studying at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague, Liška completed his master’s program at the prestigious Berlin Jazz Institute under the guidance of renowned American musicians and educators Greg Cohen and John Hollenbeck.

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